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Quaglino's Rocket Serve - Celebration of the restaurants history fuel4 designed, produced and delivered working alongside their agency Jac

Working with Quaglino's & Jackanory we designed and created The Q serve. Viewed as Quaglino’s hero serve, among a number of serves created to mark the restaurants historic heritage, (inc. the Rocket, see pic left), The Q serve was designed, on brief, to celebrate brand Quaglino’s illustrious past and passage in time.


The Q Clock is a bespoke piece of glass that is used to serve a Martini style cocktail using Tanqueray No. Ten gin. Inspired by a sundial, the cocktail is placed into the glass spiral, the liquid travels through and then decants into a glass of ice. The additional use of dry ice adds a touch of style and art deco glamour, all in keeping with Quaglino’s brand essence.

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