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  • Sarah Gibbs

Inspiring Change

“It’s surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth”. Wise words from a wise man: Sir David Attenborough.

In the wake of Climate Change it is everyone’s responsibility to help maintain this incredible planet we have the privilege to call home.Thankfully there are numerous brands that are mindful of the impact they have on the environment and are working hard to implement measures that will make a difference.

There are also a number of emerging brands that from inception are doing everything in their power to help. One such brand is E.L.V. DENIM, the original #zerowaste denim brand. Their ethos is all about reusing and re-inventing old denim, into new high-end products with zero environmental impact. E.L.V. DENIM jeans are made with old discarded denim transformed into modern, sophisticated and even ‘made to measure’ new pairs, thus offering a Zero Waste brand, where the material has ZERO impact on the environment.

Their respect for sustainability runs through the entire design and production process right down to the buttons they use. As such they were invited to be a part of Selfidges ‘Bright New Things’ initiative. An initiative which is driven by sustainability and inspiring change. E.L.V DENIM took a space in the iconic Selfridges store to promote the range. Right down to the design, production and instal of the stand, which fuel4 were lucky to be part of, sustainability was at the core. A truly inspirational ethos coupled with beautiful couture, made it easy to deliver a stunningly eye catching stand.

Important fun fact, E.L.V Denim uses just eight liters of water, compared to a whopping 7,000 liters.

Such brands give us all hope that the wise words of Sir David Attenborough do resonate. So going into 2020 let’s give a big shout out to those pioneering such change.

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