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  • Sarah Gibbs

A Christmas chocolate extravaganza comes to Soho… in July

Updated: May 20, 2019

For 1-day only customers were invited by Cadbury’s to celebrate Christmas in July. Designed to showcase their 2017 Christmas range to the trade and press, a Soho townhouse in London was converted into the Cadbury’s Christmas House.

We created a fully immersive experience, consumers were taken on a festive journey from beginning to end in a Celebration of the big day.

fuel4 worked alongside BD network, taking their creative ideas and making them happen. The exterior of the house created maximum impact and stand out with Cadbury Christmas vinyl applications on the windows, snow on the ledges and a big wreath on the distinctive purple door.

Once inside consumers experienced a number of interactive themed rooms – The Christmas Room, The Dining Room and The Living Room. Think stair vinyl’s, giant chocolate filled crackers, Christmas sacks filled with goodies, Christmas jumpers and so much more.

fuel4 wrapped, built, applied, installed, produced, transported and made sure Cadbury’s Christmas in July truly was just that – an immersive, festive celebration of Cadbury’s Christmas chocolate. We provided Technical Drawings, Digital Print, Cutter Guides, Trucking, Installation Crew, Fulfillment, Ambient & Chilled storage.

There was even a giant bursting cracker over the dining table showering chocolate down onto the table. A master of cardboard engineering it commanded the room and delivered the required WOW factor.

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