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  • Sarah Gibbs


Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Olympia, London was the venue for the launch of the Lacoste 2017 summer range.

Implemented to communicate the new designs to 300 employees worldwide the brand utilised the grand space to showcase their innovative range.

Generating a clean experience

Prior to the event fuel4 designed and built all the collateral needed for the prestigious launch comprising conference staging and backdrops, product plinths and glorifiers. Then over 2 days fuel4 took over Olympia and brought the event to life.

What did we do?

We designed, we built, we transported and we installed successfully transforming a blank space into a beautiful platform that allowed Lacoste to showcase their launch products with the beauty and respect they deserved.


The triumph of this activity was the brands ethos of less is more which allowed the activity to boast a minimal, clean yet fantastically impactful launch activity,

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