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fuel4 is Airside

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Over the past few years our portfolio of amazing Duty Free Travel Retail installs has grown.

With the global value of travel retail set to reach $85 billion by 2020 combined with the lure of duty-free shopping and over a billion people traveling worldwide, international brands have aptly nicknamed this growing economy ‘the sixth continent’.

fuel4 has embraced brands move towards this lucrative platform and have been privileged to work on some fantastic projects.

Known as ‘the golden hour’ – the time between travelers passing security and boarding their flights, retailers are increasingly using this specific window of opportunity to engage with new and existing customers in order to deliver a unique brand experience.

Airport shoppers consist of a captive audience, in the holiday spirit who are more likely to spend.

See below a gallery of some of our most recent Travel Retail activity. We build we instal and we breakdown #fuel4 #travelretail

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